LINEKRAFT "Silence" 2xCD Digipak
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LINEKRAFT "Silence" 2xCD Digipak


¥2,000 税込


Silence LINEKRAFT 2xCD Digipak (OECD 275) - OLD EUROPA CAFE Limited Edition 300 copies now available “Incapable God in silence, I am slavebreed hating paranoid”. This comment is the subject of “Silence” album, the tracks and music. "God in silence" was inspired by an old book “night" by Elie Wiesel where the author wrote “I could not accept God in silence”. Slavebreeding is the modern Japanese order (or better said the modern world order). People is looking at that new order without opposing. The front photo on digipak-cover is showing an old japanese prostitute called “Oiran” This so called "modern world" in a godless society.